Stop doing 💩 that doesn't serve you...

...and start doing stuff that does.

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"This process brought self validation and a clarity to many of my current behaviors which are now easier to manage and control. You have positively changed my life and my gratitude is endless!"
- Suzanne S.

"I can't stress enough how much The Sunday Rewire you facilitate is changing my life and so many others. Thank you for creating the class and a safe platform." 😊🙏🏻🌞🥳"
- Nicole V.

"My communication has improved towards everyone. It's the best feeling in the world. I have done so much stuff in the past (shadow work, therapy, etc) this was so different and liberating.❤️"
- Arthy V.

Have some 💩 you want
to stop?

You're in the right spot. Our twelve-week process is here to assist you. Drinking too much? Absolutely. Drugs? Indeed. Overeating? You bet. Pornography? Absolutely. Social media? Yep, that too. Promiscuous sex? Yes. Toxic relationships? For sure (people can be the toughest).

This process can be applied to any obsession, compulsion, or addiction. And we don't get hung up on what label you want to put on it.

You Probably Have Questions

What exactly is this? 

Emotional and neurological alchemy. Kidding. We're not fans of big words or hippy dippy concepts. What we do works. We smuggle in a few goodies from the 12 steps, add some breathwork, include a bit of neuroscience, and some good old-fashioned friendship. It's a unique mix, which Brian explains in this 90 second video.  

Is it easy? 

Some of it is. Some of it isn't. It's all relatively simple though. And we're big fans of building conviction through first-hand experience. Our process is experiential. There isn't a bunch of stuff to read.

Do I have to believe in God? 

No you don't. But if you do, that's cool too. We don't care. The Sunday Rewire is atheist friendly and believer compatible. 

Will my pastor get mad?

Nope. Jesus won't either. If anything, the self-awareness you'll gain will only only mature and enhance your spiritual life.    

How much does it cost?

The Sunday Rewire is 100% free. Brian also offers 30 Day Rewire Intensives. It's the same process, but collapsed into a 30 day one-on-one curriculum tailored to your needs and schedule. Rewire Intensives consist of eight sessions over a 30 day period for $799. You'll have new tools, new knowledge, and a new mindset to stop doing 💩

Will my therapist get mad? 

No. It's compatible with psychotherapy. If anything they'll be pleased you're doing this work throughout the week. That said, if you realize you no longer need them and stop going, then it might rub them the wrong way. Granted they should be happy about that, but you never know.   

Is this in-person or zoom?

We do it on Zoom for the time being. None of the sessions are recorded to facilitate sharing and vulnerability.  

How do I sign up?

First, compare the two options below to see if The Sunday Rewire or a Rewire Intensive would be the best fit. Then, simply sign up for the option that works for you!

The Sunday Rewire Vs. 30 Day Rewire Intensives

Ok. It's not really a versus thing. The Sunday Rewire is free and takes place over 12 weeks in a group setting. 30 Day Rewire Intensives condense the proven program into a personalized 30-day curriculum. These intensives include eight sessions tailored to your individual needs and schedule.

The Sunday Rewire

When: Sundays @ 8pm EST for Twelve Weeks

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Summer Series is targeted to start July 28th. Please note though, due to increasing conflicts with vacation schedule this is likely to change.

One quick comment on the bullets below, Brian gladly provides email and text support throughout the process for everyone, but simply can't guarantee response times.

Weekly for Twelve Weeks:

  • Group Size: Up to 75 Participants
  • Twelve week course curriculum and weekly recaps
  • One 90-minute Rewire class each week


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30 Day Rewire Intensive

When: Whenever it works for you!

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30 Day Rewire Intensives start Immediately

2 Weekly Sessions for 30 Days:

  • Group Size: One-On-One
  • 30 day course curriculum tailored to you
  • 60 minutes of instant on-demand support from Brian every week (via FaceTime, Zoom, or Phone Call)
  • Quick text and email support (1 hour response time)
  • Includes private breathwork sessions
  • In-person available for participants in Northeast and Central Ohio. Travel time and costs apply.


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Order Summary
30 Day Rewire Intensive

Meet Brian.

Hi. I am Brian. I was a mess. I am not now. I write these words from a place of humility and gratitude, not grandstanding.

I have attended over a thousand 12 Step meetings and yoga classes. I went to a therapist for seven years. I got on psych meds. I got off psych meds.

I've carried anger. So much so my therapist once pointed out, "Brian, this isn't anger, it's rage."

I've been Catholic my entire life and have done all the Catholic things. I even threw in a couple gnostic and non-denominational excursions for good truth-seeking measure.

I was still a mess.

I've listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts with the best thinkers from the realms of science, theology, recovery, and self-help. I had my aura read. It was blue?

I started doing breathwork. I started teaching breathwork.

I dabbled in eastern worldviews. I opened multiple chakras multiple times. I carried around mystical crystals.

I've done it all.

Sure, I could chalk all this up to one big healing journey. I should be grateful that it got me to where I am, but damn, I made a bunch of wrong turns.

Wrong turns that literally cost me years of my life either stagnating or painfully regressing.

So here I am now, doing The Sunday Rewire. I am not sure if it’s new or not and honestly that’s not my main concern.

Here is what I know. When you listen to a three hour podcast on neuroscience, you never hear anything about the 12 Steps.

When you’re in a 12 Step meeting, any science you get is like a time-capsule from 1940.

If you’re in Church, the only thing that will save you is Jesus.

If you go to a breathwork or meditation retreat, it often lacks the context of what’s actually going on in our brains and the emotional baggage that we truly have to clear out. And no, our emotions aren't stored in our hips and shoulders.

And if you’re in a psych ward, it all comes down to the mix of meds and adjusting dosages.

While everyone is super well-intended, nobody is connecting the dots. And for me personally, the dot-connecting would have done one simple thing. It would have increased hope and short-circuited the pain process of doing 💩 that I needed to stop.

If you feel like your healing journey isn't resulting in the healing you'd like to see and you're still doing stuff you'd like to stop, perhaps give this process a shot. The only thing that's required is some humility, honesty, and vulnerability.

And if you're ever in Akron, Ohio and would like to grab coffee, let me know. I live here with my two kids Joe and Gabby, my mom Cathy, and periodically, the love of my life, Leslie.

Leslie and I split time between Akron and Columbus. She's very involved in The Sunday Rewire and serves as a guide in the Rewire sessions. Leslie also came up with the name, which I have to begrudgingly admit (with a smile of course).

If after reading all this, you still have some questions or comments please let me know! I am fairly active on Instagram at @briandeagan, which is an easy way to reach me. You can also email me at briandeagan at gmail dot com. I look forward to hearing from you!